What We Do

We are a team of experienced well design engineers with a speciality in advanced tubular (casing and tubing) design. We provide elite engineering services to assist our clients worldwide in the design and analysis of critical wells and well operations. Our experience covers a range of complex well conditions including high pressure high temperature (HPHT), extreme depth, deep water, high angle, high flow rate, etc.

Since the company started in 2001, we have proven ourselves as the best at what we do. We fill a market niche that specialises in tough wells and we have developed strong relationships with our clients, built on integrity, trust and performance.

Latest News

2020 SPE/IADC Drilling Conference Feb 07, 2020

Come see us at booth #423 at the upcoming 2020 SPE/IADC Drilling Conference


Meet the Experts

Bill Taylor

President & CFO

With a BS in Petroleum Engineering and an MBA in Business from The University of Texas, he joined Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) in 1987. He worked six years on oil and gas software as a developer, analyst, and manager before joining Enertech in 1993. As Enertech's Product Development Manager, he was responsible for directing the software development process. In 1996, he became Enertech's Operations Manager responsible for all engineering consulting services worldwide. As one of the founders of Altus in 2001 and prior to becoming president in February 2018, he managed day-to-day operations, consulting projects, and engineering staff. As President & CFO, he is responsible for leading Altus into an innovative future.

John A. Howard

Vice Presdent, Sales

With a BS in Petroleum Engineering from The University of Oklahoma, he joined Tenneco in 1983 and worked five years as a drilling engineer in the Gulf of Mexico before joining Enertech in 1988. After two years involved with joint industry projects on stuck pipe and drill string fatigue, he moved into software/consulting sales, software training, and project management. He quickly became Enertech's top sales representative, focusing on clients with critical needs. At Altus, he is responsible for worldwide sales of engineering consulting, training, and auditing.

Simon Glover

Vice President, Asia Pacific Oceania

With BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Aberdeen University and M.Eng in Petroleum Engineering from Heriot-Watt University, he worked 5 years in drilling engineering operations before joining BP Research. In 1992 he joined Enertech and established its overseas operation in Aberdeen. He was responsible for developing Enertech's business outside the United States, contributing significantly to HPHT and other critical well issues in the North Sea and beyond. At Altus he has resumed this role, with responsibility for its consulting business in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Issa Kalil

Vice President, Engineering

With a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Auburn University, he joined Exxon Production Research Company in 1980 where he worked on solids control equipment, downhole drilling equipment, connection qualification programs and procedures, casing and tubing design manual and well completion training for more than 14 years. After three years in Exxon's international drilling operations as a Drilling Engineer, he joined Enertech in 1997 as a Consulting Engineer. In 1999, he became the Product Manager with accountability for product direction of Enertech software products (CasingSeat™, StressCheck™ and WellCat™) marketed by Landmark. At Altus, he is responsible for the development of its technical team to provide advance engineering services.

Albert McSpadden

Vice President, Research & Development

With Masters degrees in both mathematics and computer science from Texas Tech University, he joined Coiled Tubing Engineering Services (now NOV CTES) in 1998 to develop and implement computer simulation models for engineering job design of coiled tubing, wireline, and drill pipe in well intervention operations. He joined Altus in 2005 to expand his knowledge of tubular design and quickly became an expert user of WellCat. He plays a key role at Altus in the development and use of specialised computing tools, including finite element analysis, to enhance and complement Altus's existing well design capabilities.

Ruggero Trevisan

Vice President, Europe

Ruggero has a MEng in Structural/Geotechnical Engineering from Padua University and a MSc by Research in Engineering/Dynamics from Aberdeen University. He worked in Italy as a Geotechnical Engineer before moving to the UK where, at completion of his Masters degree, he worked for Mott MacDonald Group as structural/geotechnical engineer focusing on geotechnical-foundation related projects. He joined Halliburton/Landmark in 2007 where he worked as drilling-engineering consultant and gained considerable experience with software applications for drilling and completion through assignments to Shell (RTOC) and BP. In 2009 Ruggero joined Altus Well Experts and has since expanded his knowledge on tubular design for HPHT environments. At Altus he works as a well design and analysis specialist and provides training and mentoring on various projects worldwide.

Richard Cooper

Senior Engineer

After receiving a BEng degree with Honours in mechanical and offshore engineering from The Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, he joined Landmark in 2001. He became proficient with software applications for design of drilling and production operations and for design of well tubulars in hostile environments. He is a power user of WellCat. At Landmark for four years, he did consulting, training, and mentoring on numerous projects worldwide. From 2005 to mid-2007, he worked at the Shell real-time operations centre. In November 2007, he joined Altus and will team with our other engineers to provide well expert services.

Rick Behenna

Principal Engineer

Rick has a BS in Petroleum Engineering from Montana College of Mineral Science and Technology, 1990, along with Petroleum Engineering graduate study from University of Oklahoma. He worked for Halliburton Energy Services 1990 - 2002 in stimulation design, formation damage assessment, and coiled tubing applications. In 2002, he moved to Coiled Tubing Engineering Services (now NOV CTES) as product manager for development of high level well intervention and data acquisition software, and to assist with coiled tubing applications and product support/training. Rick joined Altus in February 2008 and specialises in advanced analysis and consulting services for tubing and well completion design.

Olli Coker

Principal Engineer

Olli has a BS in Chemical Engineering from University of Arkansas, and a Masters of Petroleum Engineering from Texas A&M University. He has over 30 years’ experience in Drilling, Completions and Workover programs with a focus on tubular design. He also has recognised expertise in Advanced Casing design. Member of ISO 13679 committee (Premium Connection Testing), API Casing Wear work group (chairing the subcommittee on wear algorithms), SPE Technical Section for Wellbore Positioning, member IADC/API MPD/UBO committee, former chairman API Committee 10 (Cementing) Eastern Hemisphere work group, former UK representative to the International Standards Organization (ISO) TC67 SC3 Cementing committee. A founder of MPD technology. Author and co-author of several SPE papers. Olli was the global WellCat focal point for ConcoPhillips in addition to numerous other roles before retiring in 2009 to join Altus.

Ian Coker

Business Systems Specialist

Ian has a BS in Sociology from Texas A&M University. He worked as an intern for Weatherford Intl. in managed pressure drilling and downhole tool testing. After graduating, he worked eight years as a Microcomputer Specialist for Texas A&M University, where he was responsible for desktop support, server architecture, procurement, and multimedia systems. Ian joined Altus in 2011 to provide IT services and expertise in business critical systems. At Altus, he is responsible for IT infrastructure, project oversight and ensures Altus engineers have the tools and systems they need to provide expert analysis.

Malcolm A. Goodman

Past President (retired)

The founder of Enertech in 1976, he has BS, MS, and PhD degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Tulane University. Before Enertech, he spent 6 years at Exxon Production Research Company where he worked on critical wells and first saw the benefits of well thermal simulation. As president of Enertech, he built a worldwide company well known for its software and consulting services to predict well temperatures and stresses. In 1996, he sold Enertech to Halliburton where Enertech's software products are now marketed by Landmark and continue to lead the industry for analysis and design of critical wells. With Altus, he is using his proven business capabilities and technical experience to make Altus the world leader in its field.